Medical English courses combine working in a small group of a maximum of 5 students to develop general English speaking and listening skills.
The 1-to-1 Medical English lessons will focus on your individual needs, taking into account your specific line of work. Medical English courses are suitable for doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, students of medicine and other professionals working in the medical sector.
What to expect:

  • improve general and social English language skills and your pronunciation
  • enhance your communication skills for dealing with English-speaking patients and colleagues
  • raise awareness of intercultural issues and ‘international English’
  • develop specific vocabulary and expressions for English used in the medical sector
  • practise giving presentations in English or taking a patient history, if necessary
  • work on writing medical reports, emails or case studies
  • online consolidation and remedial work

Course profile
Minimum age 18 – Suitable for elementary to advanced level (A2 – C2)
– Average age of group 25 – 55+

This intensive program focuses on the language of medicine in English, both spoken and written.
It is designed to help you master specific medical vocabulary and idioms and to improve your ability to communicate in English in a hospital or clinical setting.
Topics include:
U.S./UK healthcare delivery system

  •  The language of patient interaction
  •  Human anatomy and physiology
  •  Medical history-taking
  •  Trauma and emergency care
  •  Diagnostic and treatment procedures
  •  Development of presentation and medical writing skills

Erogati da Dott. Claude Norero